The Triple Digit Diet

The Super Elusive Triple Digit Weight Loss Diet


You Think YOU Have An Eating Disorder?!

If you’ve got a really big appetite, don’t let that bring you down. You won’t have to starve during the Triple Digit Diet. Even I didn’t starve and I had a huge appetite! I mean real huge!


Let me tell you what I used to eat during a typical day. Let's start with a Monday morning. On the way to work, I'd stop at the McDonalds drive through and get a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit. Along with that I’d also get a large coffee with lots of cream and lots of sugar, and a large orange juice.

I’d pull out of the McDonald’s parking lot and continue on the way to work - but before I got there I’d have a choice to make - pass up Burger King or drop in? How could I get bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits without Burger King’s amazing breakfast croissants? So I’d pull into a Burger King as well. At the drive through I’d order a bacon, two egg, and cheese croissant and a sausage, two egg, and cheese croissant. Along with that I’d also get an order of hash browns and French toast sticks with lots of extra syrup.

If I didn't do the fast food thing, here’s how breakfast might have looked.

I'd go to the cafeteria at my job and get a big corn muffin. I'd cut it in half, toast it, and put lots of butter on one side and lots of cream cheese on the other. Along with this I'd also get a big chocolate muffin and do the exact same thing. Sometimes, I'd even get a blueberry muffin as well...

Then (still the same meal) I'd grab an ice-cream sandwich or chocolate chip ice cream cookie and a large coffee with lots of cream and lots of sugar. Oh, and I can't forget the pop-tarts. I’d also grab a package of pop-tarts. I'd heat them up in the microwave and melt lots of butter on them. (Sometimes, in place of one big muffin, I'd get a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and butter.)


Lunch was always sort of a small meal for me. My lunch break was sixty minutes long and driving to the deli, waiting for my order, and driving back would take twenty minutes. Being that I had work to do (my job) I’d only have about forty minutes to eat - so I really never had the time to eat like I wanted to.

Even when I binged, I would rarely rush my food. I took my time because I really enjoyed eating. Eating was like a ritual to me! I cherished it...

For lunch I’d go to a local deli. I'd get a lot of Boars Head ham on white bread with a lot of mayonnaise. I'd do the same thing with Boars Head turkey in the same meal. I'd probably get a bottle or two of iced-tea while I was at it and some kind of potato chips. Normally, I'd get a box of chocolate rich frosted donuts as well - and maybe a candy bar.

Other lunch favorites of mine were a whole pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni or a fried chicken sandwich on a nice big New York style bun with extra heavy mayonnaise. I remember it being really difficult keeping the two big friend chicken cutlets in the bun as I bit into it.


Dinner might be at a diner. Let's say I'm out with some friends. For dinner I might order five eggs over easy with *six* orders of white toast, hash browns, extra bacon (well done), and a lightly toasted bagel with butter on the side. I'd dip the toast in my eggs and when I was finished, I put the remaining eggs and bacon on the buttered, toasted bagel and eat it. Can you tell that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day?

After I placed my order, the waiter or waitress would look towards the next person at the table and I'd have to get their attention because I wasn't finished yet! I also needed to order a tuna melt with extra tuna and extra American cheese! It came with a big side of potato salad or cole slaw.

Now, the really sad part about all of this is while I was eating my double order dinner, I was thinking about Gyros and Pizza. This was normal for me. I was completely obsessed with food!

After Dinner! (Yes, there’s more...)

Okay. After getting home from dinner it was time to watch a few movies. I'd have stopped the local video store (remember those?) and while I was there, got three bags of microwave popcorn - always a brand with loads of butter.

And let me tell you. I became a popcorn popping professional. I must have been one of the greatest popcorn poppers on the planet! I had it down to a science! At most, there may have been three or four un-popped kernels in the bag when I was finished. Sometimes, there were none.

So my after dinner meal continued: a big pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, Mounds, Almond Joy, Kit Kat, M&Ms (both peanut and regular), Twix and a couple of bottles of iced tea. I'd watch my movies and eat all of this in one setting - an hour or two after my double-order dinner...

This is not a joke. I swear I would eat like this every day. Keep in mind that I worked out at the gym five days per week and was very physical. I played (and still play) tennis, basketball, and baseball and take martial arts classes six days per week. Even so, I still managed to jump from a husky 180 to 275 over the course of about a year - and I was not eating to gain muscle mass. I was just eating because I enjoyed it. I looked like a lumberjack.

Sure, all these calories, all the fat and protein - they all helped me become a “big guy” - but even though I was a weight lifter, 275 on me did not look good. I didn’t hold the weight well and my heart was telling me it wasn’t happy. Not only was I starting to get strange pains in my abdomen, I’d also have trouble breathing and my heart was acting worse than ever.

When I started feeling those odd pains and always had a stomachache, I realized there was a major problem. At that point, I got serious about changing my eating habits and my way of life for good. And I’ll tell you something that my wife always tells me to stop telling people. If you don’t want to read something a bit - graphic - move on to the next paragraph. I’ll tell you what really made me change... One day I was sitting on “the bowl” hunched over with the worst stomachache... Eating a cookie...


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