The Triple Digit Diet

The Super Elusive Triple Digit Weight Loss Diet


What About Soy Protein?

Research physicians at Iowa State University have recently documented two key attributes of soy protein that help stimulate weight loss, irrespective of calorie content. The study shows that consumption of soy protein foods rich in isoflavones decreases fat storage while increasing lean muscle mass. Further, the researchers concluded that, "Isoflavone-rich soy may attenuate the increase in fat deposition and prevent loss in lean tissue during menopause.”

The Benefits of Soy:

Soy can help decrease body fat storage. In other words, soy containing foods help your body convert fewer calories into fat from the foods that you eat. Soy can build lean muscle mass. The higher the ratio of lean muscle mass to fat, the higher your metabolic rate, the more you will burn fat whether exercising or sedentary.

This means the more muscle mass, the more fat you will burn and weight you will lose, even if you're just sitting around! Soy increases the metabolic burn rate of fat cells! Other studies have established that soy protein increases the metabolic activity of the "brown fat" inside of the fat cells.

In other words, soy protein increases metabolic fat burning! Soy increases appetite satisfaction so you feel full faster. Because soy protein is ultra low in carbohydrates and low glycemic, its effect on blood sugar and insulin is negligible. In other words, your blood sugar remains relatively stable, reducing large insulin secretions that store glucose as fat in your body.

Eliminating blood sugar and insulin fluctuations helps eliminate sweet and carb cravings, which means you are much more likely to feel full and satisfied until your next meal. When you eliminate hunger cravings, you also eliminate loss of will power and "binge eating" which are the prime failure factors experienced by millions of heroic dieters!

Soy provides more energy. With a near ideal amino acid profile, soy protein is a terrific source of energy. When you experience more energy you will be more motivated to exercise!


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