The Triple Digit Diet

The Super Elusive Triple Digit Weight Loss Diet


A Typical Day in the Low Carb Way of Life

A typical day for me goes like this...

Let's take a Monday morning for example - about 8am. Now keep in mind that I love to eat! I'm not hungry enough to eat what I'm about to tell you, but I eat it because I love it and enjoy it. Here's what I eat, exactly how I eat it:

Four fried eggs (well done) with extra bacon (very well done – just my preference), sausage, American cheese, Muenster cheese, and provolone cheese as a platter and a large decaffeinated (twenty ounce) coffee or tea with cream, two servings of Stevia (or one Truvia if I don't have any Stevia). Sometimes I use a non-dairy powder creamer to make my hot drink thicker.

My next meal is a snack and might be some Macadamia nuts or Almonds, or maybe Walnuts. If I see Pork Rinds around, I may have some of them. Or, maybe I'll have a low-carbohydrate shake or a low-carbohydrate candy bar. But, normally, I don't eat again until lunchtime - around 1pm.

For lunch, I'm usually not hungry enough for anything so I'll have a low-carbohydrate bar or low-carbohydrate shake. If I'm feeling a little hungry, I'll get some grilled chicken with mozzarella cheese and maybe dip it in mayonnaise or a mayonnaise and mustard combo. It may sound disgusting, but I love it! You'll find your own low-carbohydrate favorites to eat.

If it's not chicken, it’ll probably be egg-salad or chicken salad with melted American cheese (sort of like a tuna melt). Again, if I eat in between lunch and dinner, it may just be a low carb bar or shake. Nine times out of ten, I'm just not hungry enough anymore.

I'm very rarely hungry these days. That's because proteins fill you up more and for longer than carbohydrates. I didn’t believe this when I heard it, but it’s true. In time, you’ll begin to realize how much money you waste on food that you don’t need.

Anyways, for Dinner - around 8pm (the next time I actually get hungry) I'll have a normal meal. Mostly meats with some vegetables - nothing big deal. Sometimes I’ll have a plate of low-carbohydrate pasta (I’ll talk about low carb alternatives later on) with butter or cheese.

If I'm still awake late at night, I may go for some kind of low-carbohydrate snack like low carb muffins with cream cheese. Maybe I'll mix up some tuna fish with mayonnaise and have it on some low carb crackers. Eating late at night hasn't affected my weight-loss since I started low-carbing. I don't seem to gain weight from eating proteins late at night. In fact, some studies show people lose weight after consuming proteins before bed...


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