The Triple Digit Diet

The Super Elusive Triple Digit Weight Loss Diet


Nuts Are Friends With Benefits

Nuts should come after your induction phase. A steady stream of research suggests that nuts such as macadamias, almonds and pecans can promote cardiovascular health and lower the risk for heart attacks and strokes. "If you like nuts, I say help yourself," says Frank Sacks, M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. "Forget the percentage of calories from fat. Yes, nuts have a lot of oil. They also happen to have a lot of nutrients essential to a healthy diet.”

Why are nuts so beneficial? In fact, monounsaturated-fat molecules in nuts contain two less hydrogen atoms and are liquid at body temperature. Eat nuts rich in monounsaturated oil and your liver membrane will tend to become more fluid, allowing (bad) LDL cholesterol to pass more easily into your liver and out of your body. A diet rich in monounsaturated fats can pay enormous dividends such as:

A Stronger Heart: The Iowa Women's Health Study showed that women who ate nuts more than twice a week cut their risk of heart trouble by 60 percent! A ten year Loma Linda University, California study of 25,000 Seventh Day Adventists found that those eating nuts often - five or more times per week, were half as likely to have a heart attack or die of heart disease as people who rarely or never ate them. In fact eating nuts just one to four times a week cut the heart risk by 25 percent!

Looser Pants: Nutritionists at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston found that amongst two groups of people who had lost an average of eleven pounds, those who had eaten a diet high in monounsaturated fat were still slim eighteen months later, while their cohorts on a low saturated fat diet quickly regained weight. “Participants on the high mono diet reported they didn't feel as if they were dieting," says Kathy McManus, one of the study authors.

Hunger Relief: A new study found that when scientists substituted monounsaturated cooking oil for polyunsaturated fats, diners felt full longer. S.E. Specter of Pennsylvania State University and French colleagues recruited 12 healthy young Parisian men into the study. Once a week for four weeks, they served the volunteers identical breakfasts, followed a few hours later by lunch. The volunteers were fed lunches containing high-mono oil or polyunsaturated oil. Rating their desire to eat hourly, the men eating high mono oil consistently proved less hungry.

Eat nuts rich in monounsaturated oil and your liver membrane will tend to become more fluid, allowing (bad) LDL cholesterol to pass more easily into your liver and out of your body.

Bigger Muscles: Studies have shown that men who eat more monounsaturated fat have higher testosterone levels, although researchers don't yet understand why. The more natural testosterone you produce, the more easily you'll gain muscle, which increases your metabolism, which, which burns fat.

Faster Thinking: Italian men whose daily diets included about seventy-five grams of monounsaturated fat scored better on cognitive tests than men who ate less than that. In fact, those who consumed the least scored the lowest! "As we age, the neuronal cells in the brain require more monounsaturated fatty acids to keep their membranes strong," says Dr. Antonio Capurso, the study author.

Speaking of health benefits, higher protein diets boost antioxidants. Antioxidants combat free radical molecules produced by our own metabolism. The same free radicals, which are also contained in toxins and pollution in the air we breathe, have been implicated in at least 50 diseases and in the aging process! New research from Germany has found that higher protein diets may boost protective antioxidant levels!

The results of tests performed on laboratory rats showed that after fifteen weeks, the group consuming the highest protein diets (51 percent of calories) had better antioxidant parameters than the lower protein diets, such as reduced lipid peroxide levels.


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