The Triple Digit Diet

The Super Elusive Triple Digit Weight Loss Diet


Here's Where the Fun Begins!

After the first two weeks are over, you can start having a little fun. At this point, you're going to add five carbohydrates to your daily regimen. I would lower your fat intake a little bit, too. Don't go nuts on the mayonnaise and the butter anymore since you're starting to notice that you're getting thinner.

Don't stop using it! You need fat for energy. Your body will use the fat you eat for energy to burn excess fat on your body. But, don't go so overboard anymore.

Oh and before I forget, you can start experimenting with sugar substitutes if you want. My favorite is Stevia but other options are Truvia, Splenda and Saccharin. Use “Keto Strips” to find the one that works best with your body. In moderation they should all be fine. You can buy Keto Strips online here.

What are Keto Strips?

Keto Strips can tell you if your body is in Ketosis. If you’re in Ketosis, you’re burning fat for energy. This means eating mostly fat and protein and avoiding carbohydrates over time has changed the way your body works - turning it away from carbohydrates for energy. Now that you’re in Ketosis, there’s no need for such high fat consumption. You can take it down a notch.

You should be popping into a new hole on your belt about now. Why not help the process and eat a little less fat. Anyway, the five carbohydrate increase sounds like nothing but you will appreciate it.

As every week goes by, add another five carbohydrates and watch the scale. At some point or another you’re going to stop losing weight or maybe even put on a pound. At that time you’ve found your daily carbohydrate intake limit. Go back to the previous amount. This is the carbohydrate limit for your body that allows you to keep losing or maintain your weight.

I think at maximum, you should probably be at around forty to fifty carbohydrates per day. But make sure you reach that peak by adding only five carbohydrates at a time each week. (Some people can go as high as 70 carbs per day!) If you’re consuming thirty carbohydrates per day this week, then next week you can move up to thirty-five carbohydrates per day.

You can start experimenting with diet soda - but watch very closely. If you have those Keto- Strips, keep an eye on your body and see what sodas are taking you out of Ketosis - and avoid them. For coffee and tea you can try using Stevia, Truvia or whatever your sweetener of choice may be - but keep an eye on things...

You can eat some low carbohydrate nuts now, too. Some almonds and walnuts are okay. These nuts are high in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber cancels out carbohydrates when you’re adding them up. This goes for all foods.

For example, if a serving of almonds has four grams of dietary fiber and five carbohydrates, you can assume there is only one gram of bad carbohydrates in that serving. Dietary fiber is not thought of to raise blood sugar.

If four out of five of the carbohydrates are non-blood sugar raising carbohydrates, then what would there be to worry about? Try this theory out for yourself. Like I’ve mentioned before, all people react differently to these things. Feel out what works best for you...


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