The Triple Digit Diet

The Super Elusive Triple Digit Weight Loss Diet


From Obese to Six Pack in One Year

As I was on my way up to 275 pounds (not good at five foot seven inches), one of the things I hated most was getting fitted for clothes. One day I was being measured/fit for a pair of slacks - and my waist measured forty five inches. That was long before I reached my highest weight so I surely had a fifty plus inch waist.

I never imagined, even for a second - it wasn’t even a goal of mine because I never thought it could happen - that I’d have a visible “six pack” some day. One of the things that really motivated me as I was heading down toward my goal was one day in the gym when I noticed a vain in one of my arms. I couldn’t believe it! I was ecstatic.

That gave me the energy, drive and motivation to continue working hard - and before you know it - I saw a vein in my other arm! I kept going and eventually I started seeing this vascularity even when I was NOT in the gym! Un-pumped! Amazing... I was elated...

So I kept pushing on, full of energy every day now, and before you know it I actually started seeing definition in my stomach! Holy moly! I went from joking around about my size when clothing shopping - saying I was size “WTF” or “OMG” - to this! My waist was down to thirty two inches at this point.

Now I really had energy and got down to about 10% body fat and a thirty one inch waste without much fuss. I was so happy with my progress that I had more than enough energy in the gym and I was happy to be there. At 10% body fat I have some very good definition and every so often somebody asks if I body build. I suppose I do! Technically. But I’m not huge like real body builders...


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