The Triple Digit Diet

The Super Elusive Triple Digit Weight Loss Diet


Don't Go Too Crazy Now!

Be careful with the low-carbohydrate chocolates. They usually have caffeine, which could make you crave more carbs. They also tend to use Sugar Alcohols - which are generally safe in moderation. 20-30 spread throughout the day should be okay. This is another one of those things that you need to test and see how you’re affected. Just watch your ketones (use Keto Strips).

Eating too sugar alcohols can have a laxative affect. You’ll have to see what your limits are. I can usually eat a whole chocolate bar with no problem. If I eat two bars at a time, sometimes my stomach feels a little funny. You’ll really have to see for yourself.

Many low carbohydrate products (like candy bars) use a product called, Glycerin. Glycerin belongs to a special category of carbohydrates called polyols, which also includes sugar alcohols like sorbitol and erythritol. Similar to sugar alcohols, Glycerin does not significantly affect blood glucose and insulin levels. What is Glycerin? - Let’s talk about this for a moment...

Glycerin is a natural, sweet substance used in snack bars to keep them soft and chewy. While Glycerin forms the chemical "backbone" for fat, it isn't considered a fat because it does not contain fatty acids. Glycerin isn’t a protein either, since it has no amino group.

If you see your favorite low carb protein bar seems to have a lot of carbohydrates, check to see if they’re in the form of “Sugar Alcohols”, listed beneath “Sugar” and “Dietary Fiber”. You shouldn’t count these toward your total intake of carbs...

The next subject is alcohol. Yes, that’s another biggie. In fact, let’s give alcohol it’s own section...


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