The Triple Digit Diet

The Super Elusive Triple Digit Weight Loss Diet


Don't Believe the Hype

You'll Probably Be Fine Drinking Coffee

“What if I can’t live without my coffee in the morning?!”

Coffee. Most specifically caffeinated coffee. That’s a biggie. Along with tea, but to a lesser extent... Some people are fine using coffee. For some people, weight loss stalls. Why? Caffeine tends to lower blood sugar - and that’s one of the times the body tries to convince you to feed it. Some people are going to have a difficult time sticking to a plan while drinking caffeinated coffee. Others will have no problem.

If you want to stop using coffee, here’s a trick that worked for me in the past - and many of the people I talk to today. Start with a cup of 3/4 caffeinated coffee and 1/4 decaffeinated and do this for a week. For the following week, pour 1/2 caffeine and 1/2 decaffeinated. The week after that, switch to 3/4 decaffeinated and 1/4 caffeine. By this point it’s highly probable that you can stop using caffeine altogether - you’ve beat the addiction.

What kind of sweetener can you use in your coffee? Well, during induction, NONE! Don’t do it. Let your body forget about that sweet stuff. The body adapts quickly. Usually by my third or fourth day of induction, water starts getting a hint of sweetness. Don’t worry, you’ll adapt faster than you think.

After induction is another story. You can start adding either Stevia or artificial sweeteners to your coffee. Here are a few popular options: Sucralose, Saccharin, Cyclamate, and Acesulfame-K. Aspartame causes major stalls for me and other people I’ve worked with.

Some people are afraid of Saccharin but its harmful effects were produced in labs only when fed to rats in extremely high doses. The FDA has removed Saccharin from its list of carcinogens based upon thorough review of medical literature and the National Institute of Science’s statement that there’s “no clean association between Saccharin and human cancer”.

When all is said and done, watch your carb counts because most of these sweeteners do contain carbs - just not many. They should not affect your blood sugar when used in moderation. Just be sure to add them to your “day” while you’re counting carbs. But don’t forget - this is for after induction. No sweeteners just yet...

P.S. If you still pick up coffee on the way to work, you can save so much money with these huge canisters of coffee that you can brew at home. This deal can’t be beat! Click here.

In a fairly new trend people are putting butter and coconut oil in their coffee. Now I can save you some time and money by telling you that I tried this and it didn’t work for me. You’re supposed to do this (instructions below) and skip breakfast. I am not one to skip breakfast! Many people believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that it should also be the largest.

I see most people get better results actually eating a full egg, cheese, sausage, bacon breakfast with a cup of coffee in addition - rather than just a cup of coffee with butter and coconut oil. In any event, this is supposed to trigger weight loss by helping you get into Ketosis (fat-burning mode) and keep cravings at bay. It also boosts cognitive function - a pretty nice side effect.

You need caffeinated coffee, coconut oil, and grass fed butter. You’re going to put two tablespoons of grass fed, unsalted butter into your coffee. Just a side note, considering butter is almost pure dairy fat, it’s therefore quite high in saturated fat. However, it appears the link between saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on.

Grass-Fed butter contains a lot of Vitamin K2 (menaquinone) - which helps decalcify and keep calcium out of your arteries.

Butter also has a lot of Butyrate in it - which is an anti-inflammatory fatty acid.

Oh, I’m sorry. I went off on a tangent. To make bullet proof coffee, you need caffeinated coffee, two tablespoons of grass fed, unsalted butter (try only one to start) and a tablespoon of coconut oil. For the best results, BLEND this all together for about thirty seconds. It’ll be nice and frothy. If you don’t have a blender, shake the heck out of it. Just stirring it with a spoon isn’t going to work.


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