Welcome to Let’s Talk About Living! I started this site with the interest of gathering as many people as I can to discuss being healthy – whether it be turning over a new leaf to start a healthy lifestyle – or just sticking to whatever has been working for you. I’m here to:

  • spread the word about ways to stay alive – because life is so very fragile
  • teach you what I’ve learned from my own experiences
  • learn from you and your experiences

…and I hope others will share their life experiences to help all of us as a group…

I’m a self-proclaimed “Master of Transformation”. I can go from fat to skinny and back to fat again before you can say “cheesecake”. I’ve actually gone from obese to “six pack abs” in a year. That was an amazing transformation. I work my butt off (literally), stay dedicated, sacrifice all the fun stuff, get in really great shape – and then feel like Adonis and party like a rock star in celebration until I’m fat again.

These days I never let it get too out of hand. I’m pretty quick to get back into shape before the proverbial fecal matter hits the fan. But I’m still learning as I go along and I’m getting better and better at staying in good shape year round.

Even though this has been my “thing” over the past couple of decades (losing, gaining, losing, gaining) – people still ask me “How did you do it?” – when they see how quickly I get it all back together – and I always love helping. I love being somebody’s inspiration to turn their life around and get into the best health of their life. Over the years I’ve heard plenty of, “Dude, you’re the one who got me into this” after I started falling of the wagon. But like I said I’m learning more and more every day and I’m going to pass that information on to you so that you can be the very best “you” for at least MOST of the time.

I think it’s a good idea to “let go” once in awhile and “live” a little. In my humble opinion it’s really no big deal to put on a few pounds here and there – as long as it doesn’t get out of hand and you can take them back off with relative ease.

Anyway – enough of this introduction. I’m going to post up various articles as time goes on. If nobody wants to sign up and talk – and it’s just me here talking to myself – I’ll consider it a diary of my own health. One that other people can look at for advice, inspiration – or whatever…

Welcome! Let’s Talk About Living!

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